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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
Website:my public blog
Raised in the Bay Area, now living in Acadian Louisiana. It's not as different as you might think. One state has medical marijuana, the other has drive-thru bars. I boomeranged back to the 'rents (how very Gen X) and I'm trying to be a new kind of person. I'm interested in liberal Quakerism but not yet convinced (30 years of atheism is hard to overcome). I love cheap and/or old cameras, leisurely bicycle rides, and fantasizing about the hosts of "Fox & Friends" being slowly crushed with a giant steel-plated edition of "The Communist Manifesto".

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620 cameras, abbeville, absinthe, acadiana, anaïs nin, ansel adams, art, art nouveau, atheism, baking cookies, beading, bento, bindis, blackbird fly, blackwork, bloom county, bluestockings, bollywood, books, box cameras, cajun, candles, carl sagan, catholic iconography, celtic art, childfree, coffee, collages, cooking, cosmetics, crafts, cross stitch, dexter, diana camera, diana f+, edward gorey, embroidery, english history, eyeliner, fantastic planet, fat acceptance, fin de siècle, food, frank chu, frida kahlo, fuji instax, futurama, georgia o'keefe, golden half, haiku, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hello kitty, henry miller, herco imperial, hieronymus bosch, hindu iconography, holga, holgaroid, imperial savoy, incense, instant photography, invader zim, japonisme, journaling, journals, kitagawa utamaro, kodak brownie hawkeye flash, kodak duaflex, lafayette, land cameras, literature, lo-fi photography, lomography, lord of the rings, louisiana, mark ryden, maxfield parrish, medium format cameras, moleskine, movies, notebooks, oil pastels, old pins, pastels, photography, photography and poetry, pink slim dress, poetry, poladroid, pop 9 camera, rabbits, reading, robotech, rosaries, russian icons, sanrio, scrapbooking, shoegaze, skeptical inquirer, studio ghibli, supersampler camera, surveys, tamagotchi, the avengers, the bay area, the colbert report, the daily show, the fall, the impossible project, the little prince, the nightmare before christmas, the virgin mary, the virgin of guadalupe, tilt shift miniature faking, toesocks, toy cameras, ukiyo-e, vintage cameras, vintage porn, vodka, watercolors
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