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George W. Bush called Kanye West's "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people" statement the worst moment of his entire presidency. Not 9-11. Not the sending of thousands of soldiers to die just so he could prove to his daddy who's the bigger man. Not the hemorrhaging of jobs and money after 8 years of prosperity.

And not even the fact that he let an entire city drown. Hurricane Katrina wasn't the worst moment of his presidency, being accused of racism was the worst moment.

Well, in Bush's defense, I don't think he particularly doesn't care about black people. He doesn't care about anyone who's not a wealthy, corrupt crony of his. A lot of the people he doesn't care about just happen to be black. So Kanye West was only wrong in that he didn't point out all of the many subsets of people that George W. Bush also doesn't care about.

I suddenly feel the urge to tell Taylor Swift to sack up and stop whining.

*"Shorter" format stolen from Sadly, No!
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So I guess there was an election or something yesterday, whatever, I don’t care anymore. The Democrats were given a mandate and a huge majority and they wiped their asses with it, so they can pretty much suck it. I think I may be permanently burned out on politics. I mean, I voted; but only because for years I was one of those crabby broads who bawled about how you didn’t get to bitch about it if you didn’t vote. It was a hard choice betwen the Republican incumbent senator who’s anti-choice (and a total scumbag to boot) and the Democrat challenger who’s anti-choice.
Plus, I’m fucking sick and tired of trying to get shit like universal healthcare passed for the working class, who then go out and vote for ultra-conservative douchebags like Rand Paul*. I mean, yes, I've read What's The Matter With Kansas?, and I know all the cheap cynical tricks that the GOP uses to get the undereducated to vote for them; but at the end of the day people have to be responsible for their own voting fucktardery. At the risk of being called OMG ELITIST (although to do so you would have to ignore the fact that I never even came close to finishing college and my credentials are solidly pink collar ghetto, but whatever helps you sleep at night), fuck ‘em. They can spend the rest of their lives jerking off to Sarah Palin and Faux News and being cannon fodder for whatever war we’re going to fight next.

I think this may have finally motivated me to register at Meetup, though. It’s where my aunt found all her new friends when she moved to Laguna Niguel, which is nearly as conservative as Acadiana. This election has made me feel more than ever like a stranger in a strange land. I suppose I’m a little lonely. It took me a while to recognize the feeling, because I haven’t felt it in years.

*And don't give me that crap about Rand Paul being a Libertarian. Libtards are just XXXTREME!!! Republicans who get to go "Don't blame me, I'm a Libertarian!!" when the existing Republican power structure shits in all our milk.

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