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I bought some really pretty Christmas cards yesterday. I promise not to be a flake this year, so leave your address in the comments (I will screen them) if you want one.
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Today's forecasted high: 92 degrees. OH MY GOD LOUISIANA, FUCK YOU.
I miss 99 Ranch. They always started selling mooncakes about 6 weeks before the festival, and by now I would have consumed at least one box (usually there are 4 to a box) and have another three in the freezer. The tins were gorgeous and just the right size for storing photos and negatives, and each brand would supply the market with special printed bags with handles that had many uses. The frozen ones came with insulated bags that made great lunch carriers/frozen grocery bags.
Although there is a nice little Asian market in Lafayette on Johnston street where I can get a lot of things (soy paper, furikake, short grain rice, etc.), the focus is primarily Vietnamese. The three things I miss the most are mooncakes (Chinese), Calpico (Japanese), and milk tea (Taiwan, Hong Kong).
On the upside, World Market now carries a lot of the Meiji brand sweets, like Chocorooms.
I had to content myself with buying online this year, and although they ought to be here today, I'm a little leery that they'll spoil in the heat because I don't think they're being shipped in a refrigerated truck. Are FedEx trucks usually refrigerated?

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