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In which some skinny bitch complains about how haaaaard it is to be skinny.

Okay, inflammatory language by yours truly aside, I grant that she has a point. (Although if she really wants to gain weight, she would do better to eat a protein-rich diet and do some strength training to build muscle, instead of cramming her gullet with fat- and sugar-stuffed empty calories.) Women's bodies are not public property to be picked at and haggled over. You think someone doesn't meet your ideal of female beauty? Guess what, she doesn't give a fuck and your opinion is worth absolutely nothing in this matter, so keep your fucking mouth shut, go home and jerk off.

Really, the only sentence I have a problem with is this one:

Few nice, everyday folks would approach an overweight stranger and tell them to go on a diet.


Does this woman not know any fat people? Because I, and virtually every fat person I've ever known, deal with total strangers commenting on our weight. all. the. fucking. time.

There's the concern-trolling, RL and online, about people who are just concerned about my diabetes or heart disease or bad joints, none of which I have. There are the total strangers who just want to share the totally awesome diet that worked for them/their wife/random female stranger. There's the assumption and attendant excitement, if I happen to have salad or a Smart Ones for lunch, that I'm trying to lose weight (actually I just like salad and Smart Ones are convenient). There's the unasked-for cheerleading at the gym, when the only reason I'm there is because exercise is good. And of course there's the not-even-trying-to-sugarcoat-it outright rude comments about my disgusting fatness.

Look, I'm not trying to win gold in the Oppression Olympics here. The sick fact is that no women can fully fit the feminine beauty ideal. Either we're too fat; skinny but without curves and big boobs; or, for the >2% who do hit the genetic lotto, get sneered at for probably having plastic surgery and working out 20 hours a day and living off a diet of cocaine and cock-sucking.

Our bodies are our own. Don't like them? WE DON'T CARE. WE DON'T HAVE TO.

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