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Sep. 4th, 2010 11:09 pm
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I begged LJ friends for a an invite code in the aftermath of the Great LiveJournal Mass Anal Rape of 2010... now I'm sort of at a loss as to what I'm going to do here, and what ways -- if any -- in which it will differ from my LJ. One thing's for sure, I'm not importing all 3,200+ LJ entries into this blog. (Okay, so I totally lied about that, once I saw how easy it was.) I also don't think I'm going to make every entry here f-locked. Just the parts where I bitch about my job or family. Although I don't really do much of either these days. I guess that weird, unfamiliar emotion I have been experiencing lately is contentment. I used to only feel that way when I was slightly drunk.

In other blog-related WTFery, I got an email from Vox yesterday that they're shutting down. I kept my public blog there for a couple of years before I got sick of both the closed commenting and the way the administrators totally abused their power, overriding comment blocking and similar shenanigans.

And I didn't like the total lack of control over the groups you'd created. I created this group called Phoetry, photography + poetry, where the intent was for people to post original poems and photos that were somehow connected. I got the idea because it's a habit of mine to compose haiku about photos I take. Simple, right? Apparently not, because people were always fucking it up, posting poems other people wrote, or photos with no poem. I wanted to dissolve the group when I left Vox, but they don't let you do that. God knows what it eventually morphed into.

Also, let's face it: the interface was lame. It was like Fisher-Price's My First Blog.

They say they're allowing import into TypePad accounts, but dude. I already a LJ, a Tumblr, my WordPress blog, Plurk, some new crap called everythinker, the ubiquitous Facebook, flickr, formspring, now this, WHERE DOES IT END??? Although there's some good content on my old Vox blog, I dunno. Maybe I should just let it go. Nothing you put online ever totally belongs to you anymore. I guess that's why I never quit paper journaling. I own those in a more real way than I'll ever own the words and images I put on the internet.

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